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tv   KQED Newsroom  PBS  January 10, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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tonight on kqed a new year and in new budget . we will look at governor gavin newsom top priorities. th e was a tense week between the u.s. and iran. an irn americans share their the n francisco 49ers are a top contender in competing in the super bowl. >> welcome. welcome to kqed newsroom. governor gavin newsom unveiled the state budget for 2020. one of the top topics is to
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fight the homeless crisis. this would pay for rent an immediate housing assistance. there was a issue that would allow state land for this pr ect. he is fighting healthcare costs and discussion healthcare crisis. th includes a proposal to create california's only line of generic drugs to negotiate directly with the drugmakers . >> walk hi. >> thank you for having me. $222 billion. we had some history in the week that was going to be in the budget. what did you hear today that set out for you? >> i think it put governor gavin newsom issues under one.
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he his trying to get at the inequalities within the system and how to help people who are homeless or ngare struggto stay in their home. with the services to keep them stable. we talk about climate change th looking at places maybe are not as resilient or how to protect folks that are in places d that cobe near wildfires. we also spoke about education. we won help the children of poverty in the state. the future is suffering because of the quality . >> this leads to an achievement gap in terms that chilgoen they o schools that go to schools and privilege neighborhoods versus those that go into port neighborhoods . >> a few years ago the state moved to a local control funding formula. that would give more resources to the places that they needed
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it. he is proposing almost $1 billion to target high povey areas. he wanted keep teachers in the ard give them grants if they st in the area for four years. the real achievement gap is between my kids and other kids in the state. there are 23 high poverty districts they can look at to help close the gap. there is money to help special education which is a huge su his wife is spearheading the proposal to increase nutrition assistant in schools by 40%. that is a $70 million program. we have children. n a child cannot leif their stomach is empty. some of the stuff is not new. the way he is framing it will be interesting to watch . >> i want to ask you about is proposal to create 's californwn line of generic drugs. i never heard it put like that.
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what is the thinking behind this? >> this is a broader proposal within the healcare and pharmaceutical umbrella. he spoke about trying to harness purchasing power. creating a system where cities and counties and nonprofits can provide medicine to people. they will go to pharmaceuticals and negotiate the way the federal government is for drug prica . this would takestep further. to be competitive we will make our own gene c drugs. will contract with them. i do not know exactly what it will look like. it will be first in the nation. oait attracts the r thinking that the governor has. an estate of 40 million people that use the purchasing power to lower prices and get more people access to medicine and >> healthcare. fighting climate change. that is a top priority for governor gavin newsom.
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he is asng for a $4.75 billion climate resilience bond. he wants to put this on the november ballot. what do we know about this? >> we do not know all of the details. this is framed in the budget in a way for e state invest in the infrastructure. whether it is naral resources or things that we need to build. this will help communities that may have problems as the sea level rise or the fires keep on burning. we want to resilient. as you said this will become before the voters. how much infrastructure has two ways that it will benefit people. it will create jobs and it will create whatever infrastructure we are talking abou we are waiting for the details to see that. they want to see if the labor unions want to come on board to help with that.
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there is homelessness. that is over e political discussion. that is within any city or state. he said last year he was going to appoint a task force to address th issue. how is his approach fighting homelessness different or a continuation from last year. >> i think itis a continuation. this is something that is a key priority for gavin newsom. that is something thvoters will judge him on. it such a visible crisis on the streets around the state. probably i would say what the governor looki in the budget is increasing the amount of money they are giving to cities and counties. he wants to increase the triage efforts. he wants caltrans to make available any land that they have that they could give cities or nonprofits to help with the homeless shelter is. i thinhe is tying the states
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of medicare program for the poor. this is a 360 view to say if someone has a mental suhealth we can get them a home. they may not be able to stay there unless address th underlying problems. that is an interesting approach. it's certainly a different sort of approach that i have taen estaten in the past . >> what about the idea of red -- rent assistance? this is interesting to me. what is it telling you? out. ies in at i am talking not saying there's a homeless person on the street and we need to get them into a shelter and then into a home. how do we make sure nomeone doesend up homeless who is in a home right now. there are many details to be worked pt. thposal does not envision
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giving someone rent bsidies or gratuity. this will help them get on their feet or stay on their feet if they are in crisis. this is going to be something that cities, counties in the state will grapple with. how will they work around this issue? in san francisco we ve has thousands of people but are numbers keep on going up. finalizi and approving a budget is a six-month process. what fights are you expecting to be the most contentious in ah the six months d of us? >> tax increases are a fight. the one the governor proposed today may not be as controversial. that will be interesting. the bond measure, what it looks like and how it is grafted the lawmakers would want to put that on the ballot. they will want to collect signatures for that. this is a very strong super
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majority democratic lawmakers. some may want to spend more money than what he wants to propose. sod may want to spmoney on ongoing basis. most of them have been one-time expenditures. if the economy turns around ands n the direction that is not good for the state they do not have to cut programs. that will be some of the tifigh i pate republicans are not going to love these proposals including ones that expand healthcare benefits to low income undocumented seniors . >> this is his second full year in office. what has he learned? >> the biggest criticism of gavin newsom was his administration was not clear. it ovwas all the map. it seems to me even though he has spent over two hours Ășthe budget that housing and ,, homelessnehange,
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wildfires and education are the main pillars. let's see if we can stick to that . >> thank you so much . >> my pleasure. this week iran fired more than a dozen missiles at military bases. it caused damage but no injury to u.s. troops. this was in retaliation in regards to a u.s. air strike. ed targeted d killed qassem soleimani. on wednesday morning president trump promised una new roof economic sanctions against iran . he promised note new military action. it seems unlikely, the attacks brings tensions to the iranian american to call california home. we have an iranian psychologist. ha
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we a former field organization or with the northern california to the chapter. welcome. tell me first how you heard about the strike that killed general qassem soleimani. what did you he from your own communities? >> i heard about it as an alert on my phone. i thought feabout the of war. i think everyone in the community was afraid of that . >> i got an alert on my phone. the first thing that came to my thought was that what would happen to my father that is living in iran . what would happen to my grandparents that are living in iran. all of my loved ones. the fear of having a war with iran is very scary >> are you a bill -- able to communicate with yo relatives? our communications director in a situation like this? >> this time communication was direct. think about it.
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among the peopfrom iran . it t is the fear that the government ph monitoring your e calls and all of the communications that you are having. they could not have a direct communication with me. that was their concerns . >> i have not heard anyone in america say that they are sad that general qassem soleimani is dead. he is being d mourand iran as a war hero. i am curious how he is regarded in the iranian community here . >> my heart is not late for this person. heas blood onhis hands. he has done terrible things. my concerns as american what this does for me , my kids and my family. this is senator my community on
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what this does to us. this could unleash a war but also discriminatory policies in the community . >> you are a psychologist. to explained to especially you vulnerable people within your community like children or iranian americans who have experienced trauma? >> we are going through a series of experiences that have been dramatic. started at the beginning of tidonald trump's administ. there have been escalated policies and language. it is hateful for the many communities of color. the past week has brother to for wishon. he will target cultural sites in iran. many of been heldabout the -- at the border. i think about children in the community and how this makes them feel. the message they argetting is
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he does not considered valued members of. the american fami that has a profound effect on the children. i hope people in the community are taking care of their children and thatway . >> do you know people who may have been detained at a border? >> yes. i have friends, friends of friends who have been detained at the border. they were capped for more outha 12 with the child. i'm talking about professionals. they were part tech companies in seattle. they were detained at the border for more than 12 hours. >> i am hearing reports of the canadian border, it can be even longer than 12 hours . >> right. n longer t hours and also remember kids are watching this process. how does it feel for an american kid to sit atbothe er being detained. questions are not being
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answered for no reason. what they are being told is you are second class citizen. there being that -- being told by ther president and th communities. how do we take care of the children. had to take care of them? we can vota and unde politics. their experience is different. they need to be taken care of in a different way . >> you are ther. your children are not teenagers yet. how are you talking to them who happened this week? >> i integrate to them what i tell my patients. i try to be honest. i know the research shows too much exposure can scary for kids. the big message i have is protect our kids. answer questions. mi them they are valued mmbers of the american family . >> i want toto talk you about social media during these
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times. this conflict is perhaps the biggest one since disocial has become a true force in our lives. what have you seen on the platforms that you visit in social media that has worried you in regards to the iciranian am community. just dialogue in mogeneral. >> of my friends most of the people that i follow on social media are from iran. they arin iran or they are living abroad. one thing that i am seeing it is divided. there is a group of individuals specifically those that are living in southern california, a little bit older. le they kqassem soleimani last week.
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there is a divion among the community. i am seeing that. a group of my friends went to ao qassem soleimaniing just a few days ago. i am getting different views. >> i am troubled by thnd language arthis issue. if we are going to go to war it is hurtful when role models like professional athletes there was a major league baseball player of former giants player this week was tweeting abow he is excited about the war so he could kidnap iranian women and bring them here. i worry ou that. i think it is inappropriate and scary. what is the message that tells our community? what does thare tell our children? war and sex trafficking and
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kidnapping this is somehow okay. we have been seeing a lot of disturbing content on so media. that will escalate a lot of hurt. >> i wa to asboth of you what you think it means to be an iranian american today? >> i use the analogy of being a child of parents that are vo ing in a complicated aggressive rny. i am have two parts of my identity. i am an american. i have been my here thi can my entire life. being an american i am very proud of the trickle of my country. i have this part of my that is iranian. that is my cultural heritage. i feel torn. i feel many people in the community are torn . >> it is different for me appear, grow myinentire life iran . i moved here in 2009. i have strong roots to trd a -- iran . whatever is in the
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news it is wearing onmy soul. a part of me appreciates what the u.s. offered me as a free country in terms of freedom of speech and having an opportunity to pursue my passion. i wanted to be an activist. i could not pursue that in irans . i alfeel myself as a second-class citizen . >> thank you to both of you. former field organizer for the northern telephone new chapter. thanyou so much. tomorrow the san francisco 49ers hope to continue their push to the super bowl with a
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victory against the minnesota vikis. the number onseed 49ers ended the regular season with 13 ie victorand three losses anchored by jimmy garoppolo in ertheir single-season care-high 27 touchdowns. it is the first time in a re secu career that he has reached ofthe plfs as a starter. he bent back om injury. he was on the sidelines for much of last season. it is the first timeever the 49ers will battle the playoffs clara. with me is the host of the rk willard show, here is mark willard. welcome . >> thank you for mehaving . >> the question is to the te49e benefrom this week off that they ?just h will this umll their mome >> there is no question that they needed that. there is a conversation about that often. they call the restversus rest. some teams have come out sleep in the past. the 49ers needed this. they needed it for couple of reasons. there was a physical rest they needed. soayers will be coming back especially on the defensive side. alexander will mea back.
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ink they needed a mental break. the last half of the season they played some big-time games. they areaying hard. they went to new orleans and baltimore. they got a victory in seattle. they needed the mental break as well . >> this is as healthy as they have been all season. players do with the defense? what was missing? >> it changes everything. the first of the season the 49ers were a defense of the ages. they were a record-setting nafense. some of ths i mentioned started to go down. that they specialize done. there line for the first half of the season was unstoppable.
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without ford the double teams were ab to slide over. it was still a good defense. it was not a great defense. if they are healthy again they can go back to being great this week . vikings coach what are the weaknesses in the 49ers that i am looking exploit? >> the one thing they have not en perfect on is stopping the run. the vikings have a very good running back. his na is calvin,. is one of the best. the vikings in general our team that likes to llrun the they switched up there offense if scheme. they are better. they did not make it to the playoffs last year. they centered on the run game a little more. that is the first thing they will try to do. the 49ers can slow him down they will be in a good spot . >> let's talk by
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jimmy garoppolo. two super bowl rings are ready. they come from his time as a backup to tom brady. does gettiteam in the super bowl does that put him in thelite category? >> it is probably early in his career to have that conversation. he answered a lot of question during theregular season. we have heard of them. has a big contract. . everyone thought it was fa happenin. he has not achieved anything. nohehe has. went to a regular season. was 13-3. to start a new clock. this is his layoff resume that he needs to build. certainly if he goes all the way througa and gets super bowl then yes you will start hearing people put him on a short list of the next generation of great quarterbacks .
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>> it has to mean something to bounce back from an injury. he was a big injury that knocked you out for quite a while. that is a pretty, not that you want a player to get injured or that a player wants to get injured. to come back from an injury i think other hardbacks has struggled after injuries. this is a big deal for him . >> the is no doub there's everything r every athlete. their bodies their office. they have to feel safe in that situation. at the beginning of the year, or preseason there were some momentwhen jimmy look like he was going to the process to trust his knee again after a torn acl early in the season last year. he went to that. that is the other great thing about this season. he kept on getting better ery week. not only physically but there
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were fewer mistakes in the second half of the season thene there were first. he is a guy that is showing himself to handle pressure and situations like that one by battling back from an injury . >> the 49ers e favored. they are supposed to be the vikings. we do not want to get too far ahead. it is hard not to start thinking about who they would ther play in the next game. who do you think the 49ers would rather play? >> it has to be the packers. he they came once already. the 49ers almost won by 30 points. seattle has russell wilson. the seahawks know them well. they play twice a year. early thru year. ell wilson is just a magician. it would hurt the 49er fines if it ended at the hands of the rival. there is no love lost there. the path of least resistance would to y see green . >> that would be a high-stakes
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tiebreaker. to face the seahawks. does experience in the playoffs play a role? this is not a seasoned veteran team when it comes to the playoffs. especially when you think about things like the packers and the seahawks. doro that play a here? >> it must play some sort of a role. inexperienced guys calean on. sherman is the spokesman of of the defense. there is jimmroppolo. he has been in that environment for much of his career with his time at the patriots. nothing is a substitute as going out there and actually doing it. i would also talk about gathe s in the second half of the he season49ers played well. they were high leverage and there was high emotions. it feels like a battle tested
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team. they are used to big moments. i do not expect there to be a long learning curve in the first quarter of the game . >> thank you for coming . >> thau for having me . >> that will do it for us. you can find more of our coverage. ank you for joining us here,
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robert: back from the brink of war but the debate rages in congress. >> it was very clear. qassemsome manny was plotting a large attack against american interests. >> he was looking very seriously at our embassy and not jus the embassy in baghdad >> the trump administration insists the killing of the general was a response to eminent threats. bu on capitol hill, members of bo partiesur areus about the lack of information and how lawmakers were bypassed. >> it is not acceptable for officials within the executive branch to come in tell us that we can't debate. it's un-american. it's unconstitutional. and it's wrong. >> bottom line is, we did not hear that there was anyne e attack being planned


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